Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1"
Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1" - photo 1 Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1" - photo 2 Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1" - photo 3 Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1" - photo 4
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Box tilter /box tipper "PKH/1"

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Роксолана Клос
Nut Exim, LLC,  Lviv, UA
Flagma member since 18 April 2019


Box tilter/box tipper "PKH/1" has been designed for unloading of boxes (containers) and others, including unloading of boxes with walnuts into a screw conveyor hopper for further supply of raw materials for processing in a processing line (calibration, washing, packaging, etc.)
This machine can be made both from ferrous metals and from food stainless steel.
This is a metal (hull) structure with a rotating frame, which is powered by a hydraulic mini-station. During this process the unloading of the box (container) is carried out into the tank of technological lines for further transportation.
The sizes of tilter/tipper can be agreed with the customer.

- depends on the speed of box unloading ranges from 5 to 60 seconds, depending on the weight and power of the hydraulic mini-station, which is agreed with the Customer.

Technical characteristics
- Box dimensions for unloading by the rotating frame 1100 * 1100 * 1300 (agreed with the Customer).
- Power supply parameters: voltage (380 ± 22) V, frequency (50 ± 1) Hz;
- Power consumption: not greater than 4 kW;
- Dimensions: not greater than 3000 x 2500 x 2000 mm (may vary depending on the needs of the Customer in terms of the size of the box (container))
- Weight: up to 1500 kg depending on the agreed sizes.

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Nut Exim, LLC,  Lviv, UA
Flagma member since 18 April 2019
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