Baltic Hewer, UAB

Technikos g. 2, Jieznas
Technikos g. 2, Jieznas
Lupenkov Vadim, commercial Director
на Флагма с 27 февраля 2017
+370 644 444-XX


UAB „Baltic Hewer“ - located in the south of Lithuania and is in strategically convenient place to work with European countries. The company started as a producer of biofuels, but over the years, working in the timber field, we acquired a number of wood processing - drying equipment. We can offer a wide range of products made of wood.

We have business partners in Scandinavia and EU countries.

The company's aim is to create a reliable and long-lasting relationship with suppliers and customers and to become the best in this field and to meet the needs of its customers and to gain uniqueness against other similar companies.

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